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The Invisible Game: Search Marketing for Black-Owned Businesses

The entire world is searching for black owned businesses to support and many of our establishments can’t be found online. Here’s why...

Over the past thirty years, digital marketing has become a critical component of doing business. In 1990, the term digital marketing was coined as a result of the internet’s growing popularity. In 1994 Yahoo was launched. In 1998 Google was launched and a long list of smaller search engines trailed behind. Myspace and Facebook led the frontier of social networking sites transforming traditional user interaction. (visual timeline)

What did we miss?

Social media’s explosive popularity and relaxed entrance points naturally took the spotlight of the digital marketing conversation. While social media is imperative, it’s far from being the singular factor of a successful digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization, also known as, SEO, is the blaring stop sign many of our businesses keep missing.

The overhyped complexity of SEO largely contributes to the apprehension many businesses feel on the subject. Often times, small business owners and solopreneurs focus on crafting the best service or product for their business, reserving very little energy for their digital marketing to-do list. So, what is SEO and why is it so important?

Search engine optimization or SEO, is the process of structuring a web property or website to be easily found on search engines. According to, 87.9% of searches conducted in 2019 were performed on Google with Bing capturing 5.26%. If you’re looking for a great pizzeria in your neighborhood chances are you’re going to “google” it. This is where you leverage real digital marketing to your advantage. Combining the power of search and social is a winning combination for results.

6 Quick Tips for Digital Success

Businesses targeting local customers can leverage the power of Local SEO to acquire new customers, increase their conversions, and improve customer experience.

Register your business with local search engine platforms. i.e. Google My Business & Bing Local

Ensure your business information is accurate across the internet. Ex. Your contact info should be identical on your website, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hire an experienced marketing firm to manage your ongoing search marketing efforts to maintain high visibility online.

Implement a review campaign to increase your volume of positive reviews. Engaging recent customers in automated feedback is a low cost marketing strategy with great ROI.

Last but not least, double down on social media content. Use customized content created to deliver solutions for your audience. Build a relationship with your followers and here’s a kicker “try being social”.

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