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Developing Your Faith-Based Organization to Make a Digital Impact

As Kingdom ambassadors it’s imperative that we leverage digital platforms to improve the span of our reach. Utilizing the tools technology has made available to us is not a negative strategy. Did you know that globally, over 5.4 billion people use the internet and more than 3.8 billion are active on social media? The entire world is online. Shouldn’t the impact of your organization be there also?

#1 Pray for Wisdom

Wisdom is the principal thing. – Proverbs 4:7 Approaching the current climate of society calls for wisdom. Understanding how to connect digitally is paramount for the impact we’ve been charged to make in this world. Start this journey with an open heart and an open mind. Be ready to learn new things and stretch your horizons!

#2 Find Your Tribe

Ever heard a friend call your name from clear across the grocery store? What was it about that familiar voice that rose above the rest of the noise? Perhaps, it was the connection. The power of connection pierces through chaos and forges a unique bond with your audience. Your tribe is waiting to hear from you in the place they hang out most, online!

#3 Craft Your Message

Your message matters. Set aside time to shape your messaging. What are your primary goals? Are you aiming to educate, inspire, or entertain your online audience? What tone will your brand of voice convey? All of these components are vital to sculpting your digital messaging.

#4 Pick Your Platform

Remember the old adage, “When in Rome…?” The same applies to building a digital presence for your faith-based organization. Think of each platform as its own country with its own language and culture. On Twitter, the language is brief and succinct. The content is news heavy, enlightening, and humorous. On Facebook, you’ll find lengthier conversations with engaging visuals. The cultural climate is much more casual and built on personal connections. Choose the platform that will integrate easily with your organization’s personality. A growing percentage of your current audience already spend their time on social media. Discover where they hang out most and start there!

#5 Build Your Team

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African Proverb This journey was not meant to be traveled alone. Inspire your team to go with you. Bringing people together is the central theme of the digital world. Here are a few crucial roles your team will need:

  • Content Creator

  • Graphic Designer

  • Community Manager

  • Digital Strategist

You can find these skills in 3 people or 1 person with all 3 skills. Either way you’re covered! Be sure to allow novices along for the ride. They may not have the experience you desire yet but passion can be sharpened into skill over time.

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